Thursday, March 17, 2016


Just got back from a kayaking adventure today. Words can not describe how amazing it is for me to be able to get out and enjoy life again. There were many times over the last six years that I didn't think I'd ever be healthy enough to go out kayaking, hiking, camping, or on long drives... but I'm doing all these things now. Every day I feel like celebrating!
It was 90 some degrees but breezy and cool, especially in the murkier shade. We chose
tandem kayaks so as to be more sociable. 
 The murky green reflections in the water rippled in such a gorgeous way,
ever changing with the dip of each paddle.   
Now here lies a handsome fellow sunning himself . I named him Jasper. He has many gator
friends, such as Bernadette and Claudette. I would have captured their likenesses as well,
but I was busy trying not to crash into a fallen log midstream.
 Some of our friends drifted up ahead of us... while we were stuck high and dry on
said log that I almost but didn't quite maneuver around at the last minute.
Adorable, knobbly knees growing up out of the swampy water...

Now here's one of many hollow logs along the river with quite an inviting open door...
I quite imagine little elves, fairies or tiny water people living in here.  
Rowing into the sunlight, enjoying the breeze... being one with nature... this is the life!  
By mid afternoon we rowed under a canopy of trees and rounded a bend where we docked for the day. What a beautiful experience this was!

I still pinch myself each day with joy when I remember how far I've come in healing. Today's adventure wasn't just kayaking. I went out for breakfast this morning at a diner with my friends, where I had scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes... I didn't have to order "special" food that was gluten free or dairy free like I strictly had to in the past. I still eat very healthy, but also do fine eating out occasionally.

After kayaking, we rested some, then went out with friends to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. We wrapped up the day by stopping at the grocery store for the week. And by the time evening's dusk had wrapped it's soft, dark cloak around us, we were home and relaxing, watching one of our favorite TV shows. While little Spark drapes himself on or the other of us, cuddling up and sleeping with his face mooshed on my hand like he's accustomed to do.

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