Friday, March 6, 2015

New puppy!

I got a new puppy! On New Year's Day at 5 am, no less! From a farm out in the middle of Amish territory. I was sleeping in the passenger seat in the dark as K drove the hour's drive to the farm, then suddenly the sun was rising in this gorgeous, calendar-esque pinkness. I hadn't seen the sun rise or been up and outside so to speak that early in the morning since seven years ago when I was a teacher and rose early. So it was a good omen.

We got out of the car in semi-darkness. There were two carriages in the driveway, and the farm itself seemed quaint, although shrouded in dark. The farmer was young... well, he was the farmer's son. He spoke in an accent. Then he was going to get the puppy and his mother. They came running across the yard, but I had eyes only for the pup. He ran straight for me and tried to climb excitedly up my leg. I picked him up and instantly fell in love. It was like this pup was waiting for me his whole life and finally found me, that's how excited he was. So excited, he even peed on me. Three times. Each time, I laughed.

We were going to put him in his crate on the drive home, but he was snuggling up under my armpit while I held him, and I didn't want to let go. His mom was barking when we went to the car, and of course, she knew what was going on. Sparky was the last of her puppies to go, so it was even more sad for her. I tried to telepathically send a message to her- "I know you'll miss him. I will take such good care of him!"

He was shivering most of the car ride home, from either excitement, cold, or both. I kept him warm wrapped in a towel in my arms, and he slept like that the whole way home. By the end of the first day, I literally couldn't imagine life in our home without him. Is that odd? K said the other day that Sparky took to me in such a unique way, that perhaps the spirit of Thumper is in Sparky. I'll write about Thumper some time. He was my pet rabbit when I was a teen, and he had a sad life ending. Thumper was like a dog in his loyalty, and he was my closest companion for years. I still dream about him a couple times a year. Sometimes in my dreams we cross paths in other dimensions, in other forms, but I recognize him each time.
Maggie is fascinated with Sparky, but afraid of him because he is the same size as her and very playful. He tries to jump on her like she's a fellow puppy, and she freaks out and runs, then hisses and growls. In turn, she hits him when he runs under a chair she's safely perched on.
In the photos below, Maggie forgets her fear long enough to swipe a few of Sparky's kibbles off the floor. Food is such a fear reducer! Sparky keeps wagging his tail and sniffing in his friendly way, but in the last photo, Maggie goes to swat at him.

Maggie is getting less afraid of Sparky, and she hangs out on the steps while he passes by. She keeps a wary eye on him and gives him a swat or two when he gets to the bottom.