Saturday, February 15, 2014

What if...

What would you do if you one day woke up to a realization that you and everybody you knew were actors and actresses in one huge, complex play. But only you know this. No one else seems to know this.

What if you realized that what you thought was your only chance at life was just one role you were playing, along side many other roles. That you could have a number of character changes. That life isn't as serious as it seems.
What if you realized that you're simply sharing the stage with other actors that you have seen in different plays in different times. That you know you've met before, even if you can't quite put your thumb on what character they played. You know you had a bond before and will again.
It is fun to be an actress. But when you go home for the evening after a day of work, you oddly enough can't shed your character. When you go home for the evening, you are still in character. And it feels so real, your life, this play that you are in.... that you almost believe it is.

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