Saturday, July 13, 2013

Being present

Silhouette of a grapevine that is wandering up the side of our kitchen window.

In the present moment, there is no suffering.
So as I stay in the present moment, I will always be safe.
The moment I think I am not present, is the moment I am. 

I am not this illness. I step outside myself and watch as an observer. I see that I am separate from this illness. It is not my identity.
A pained body thrives on pain. It can not thrive on joy. It finds joy quite inedible. So in this way, I can starve pain with joy. Eventually it will have no place to thrive in me and it will dissipate.

I am health, life, energy, upward momentum, spontaneous regeneration. This is my true identity and I accept it.  

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